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    Bridlewood Elementary School ESEC representative:  Jennifer Lovelady

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    LISD Exceptional Students Education Committee (ESEC)

    Description and Purpose

    Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, Lewisville ISD Council of PTAs has created the Exceptional Students Education Committee (ESEC) to provide parents, PTAs, and the school district an opportunity to work together, share information and resources, and create on-going dialogue about issues relating to exceptional students.

    We broadly define “exceptional students” as those with a learning or processing difference, physical disability, cognitive delay, speech or language delay, social or emotional difficulty, anxiety, behavioral challenges, severe food allergy, as well as students who are gifted learners.

    Families with exceptional students are an important part of PTA. This group faces a unique set of challenges at school and at home, and they deserve our support and recognition. All children with diverse abilities or learning differences are not the same. What is appropriate for one person may not be appropriate for another. Different children may need different accommodations to fully participate in activities.

    The committee is no longer a separate special education entity (SEPTSA), but rather a committee of the district-wide PTA Council, and will address the needs of a broad range of students, not just those with an IEP. Its goals are 1) increase positive connections and awareness among parents, teachers, students, administration, and school PTAs and 2) foster excellent education in an informed, supportive, and inclusive community where all children feel included and valued.

    The Committee will sponsor district-wide events such as the annual back-to-school Meet & Greet with Special Education, the Exceptional Students School Performance (ESSP) Awards, as well as provide relevant speaker-led parent trainings throughout the school year.


    To provide information and social opportunities to parents of exceptional students, so parents feel a connection of support and understanding

     To work as a team with parents, local PTAs and school staff to most effectively support exceptional students and help maximize their potential

     To create awareness about exceptional students so the school community can fully understand and support all children

     To help all children understand and appreciate challenges faced by children with disabilities

     To advocate for exceptional students and their right to a free and appropriate public education

    For more information contact Amy Humphries, Chairperson

    (214) 207-9570 sichter@yahoo.com